December 03, 2013

Living at MidModMich for Three Months

It's been a while since I've updated, and I honestly must say that the end of our renovation project is in sight (is that possible?!), and I have plans to start infusing more of our everyday (possibly boring?!) life into this blog. Sure, there are many projects we'd still like to do (I blogged about a few of them a while ago), but the majority of the renovation is complete and I am so SO excited to be living in Grand Haven.

So, here's an update...

Our adorable Grand Rapids home in Alger Heights actually sold!!!!! We closed on August 30th, so August 29th was the first night at the new house, as the new owners got the keys at closing. If you know me, you know that I'm a freak about numbers, and the 29th is a good day for us - it is both our wedding anniversary (June 29th) and Eames' birthday (March 29th). I'm quite certain I'll remember what day we moved in! 

The morning of the August 30th was pretty awesome - getting up, making coffee, getting ready (although we didn't have bathroom sinks yet, so brushing our teeth in the kitchen wasn't super awesome), and heading "into town" as we've been calling going to Grand Rapids these days. Sounds so funny, but it's true! We went to the closing office, met the new owners of our home, and spent an hour or so telling them how much we loved the house they were buying. The nicest thing she said to me was "We will take care of it for you!" She must have sensed how attached I was to the house and how I was a bit reluctant to let it go. 

Since then, it's been a blur of projects - yard work, weddings, Greg starting his new job in Zeeland, and Eames starting daycare so I have two days per week to focus on work. I hosted a bridal shower for my sister-in-law, and we hosted Thanksgiving dinner for both of our families. We have plans to host Christmas Eve for family, and then New Year's Eve with friends.

Work is busy; which is good, but always overwhelming during the holidays. Greg's new job is going as well as a new job can go - we have wonderful healthcare benefits (YEAH!) and he has more vacation time than he has ever had. We are feeling VERY lucky this year. 

People continue to ask how much we LOVE our house, and while, of course, we love it so much, we haven't really had too much "down time" to sit and just enjoy it. Sure, we've had morning coffee on the sofa, and have even had some people over for dinner, but we've both been a little out of the normal in our "relaxing" schedule. We keep saying by Christmas life should be "back to normal", whatever that actually is now.

I haven't taken too many photos with my camera since moving in, but I do plan to start breaking down each room with a before/during/after image once we get our final photos from our photographer. I'd like to share all the sources we used, and how we got to where we are now. We are planning to put our Christmas tree up this coming Sunday, so the holidays are in full swing around here! Happy Holidays!

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