August 28, 2016

East Lansing Midcentury Modern Kitchen | Before & After

Remember that midcentury kitchen design plan I shared last month? I'm back to share with you the before & after photos.

This is where we started...

While it was was the original kitchen and it pained me a teensy bit to take out, it simply did not work for the client, and most likely any other modern family moving forward. It was tired, it was small, it had a huge area that was being under utilized.

I know, I know - you're going to say, "But, ALETHA!, how could you take out those gorgeous wood cabinets that are original to the house?" And I'd tell you again, they didn't work. The drawers were tiny and hardly held anything, the upper cabinets were hard to reach, etc. etc. etc.

SO, what did we do to make sure this house still had an amazing kitchen that always looked like it had been there, but was modern & fresh & new, AND will be enjoyed for years to come by the current family?

We put in this. And it's amazing. And the very best part of it? It totally works for their family. They have TONS of storage. They cook, do homework, eat, and hang in this space. No one is fighting for the only chair in the room anymore!

July 12, 2016

Midcentury Design Plan | East Lansing Midcentury Kitchen Renovation

When Steph sent me a message on Facebook to see if I knew of anyone who was doing midcentury home design in the Lansing area, my fingers couldn't type quickly enough.

"Me.   ME!   Meeeeeeeee!
I am doing midcentury home design and would LOVE to come to East Lansing!

I could hardly wait to see what they were working with. I showed up to their gorgeous midcentury home in East Lansing (one of the homes on the Michigan Modern's East Lansing list HERE) and was greeted by their sweet black lab, Scout.

We walked into the kitchen, and I immediately hoped we could replace the traditional U-shaped kitchen with an open galley kitchen. They both looked at me like I might have been a bit crazy to try and fit a 13' island in this space, but I took measurements and was 99% sure it would work in the narrow room just fine.

I didn't promise anything upon leaving, but went back to my office and started on the plans. The layout evolved as the project did - I hadn't accounted for their baseboard heat in the initial layout, and later we ended up taking out an old chimney which gave us even more room around the island.

I'm going to share the initial design plan with you now, and will share the before & after images soon. We were finally there to take some photos & video of the new kitchen, and even a year after installation, it's still amazingly gorgeous. The clients says it functions perfectly well for their family, and they are SO so happy with everything.

Here is where we started with design. Steph LOVED our cabinets, but we planned to go darker to match their gorgeous wood-paneled dining room, and also contrast with their exisiting bamboo floors. Because we built a little desk area into the space, there are some office items on here too. Stay tuned for the after photos! 

July 11, 2016

In The News | Atomic Ranch The Renovation Guide

Last year, Elise Portale from Atomic Ranch reached out to me about our exterior refresh. While our home was in the Summer 2015 edition, she specifically was looking for quick tips on how to do a Saturday Spruce Up and I happily helped with some ideas.

Thankfully, we didn't need to make any HUGE changes to the exterior of our home, but we did shine things up a bit. It's amazing what some house numbers, porch light, full planters, and a graphic welcome mat will do to a place! Of course, the new front door doesn't hurt, but sadly Crestview Doors is no longer in business. 





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