December 20, 2017

East Grand Rapids Midcentury Modest | Before & After

I worked on this adorable midcentury modest ranch in East Grand Rapids at the beginning of 2017. It was a fun project with a very fun client, and it all came together beautifully! We worked together on the kitchen, dining & bathroom.

Nearly everything was touched in this house: flooring, kitchen & dining, plus the bathroom. All new lighting, appliances, baseboards & trim, paint, etc. It's basically like a brand new home wrapped up into an adorable midcentury home in a desirable neighborhood.

While this is the only all-white kitchen I've ever designed, this house didn't have the oversized windows I'm usually working with, so the white-n-bright that my client was drawn to during the design process was certainly the right direction here.

Of course I went minimal with slab doors & non-obtrusive finger pulls. We got rid of the wall between the dining & kitchen, which made a huge difference in the overall flow. We took out the traditional U-shaped kitchen and replaced it with a center island, which is great for entertaining and casual dining. My client fell in LOVE with the stunning iridescent backsplash tile, and I couldn't resist adding some wood with those oversized West Elm pendants I've always loved.

My client has decided to sell this adorable little home, so it's currently listed with my favorite midcentury modern-loving Realtor, Emily Verwys. Head on over to the listing for more information! Hope it goes to someone who will love it as much as I do :)



BEFORE Listing photo

AFTER! All living room furniture sourced by the client. 


BEFORE Listing photo

AFTER! Designed by True Home Restorations


BEFORE Listing photo

AFTER! Designed by True Home Restorations

Again, this house is currently on the market for $285,000. It's such a great home and I would LOVE to see it go to someone who loves it as much as the client does. Head on over to the official listing for more information!

February 22, 2017

Mid Mod Pin

I'm one of five kids, and while we are all very good at our own things, my sister Victoria has always been the most creative of the bunch.

She has created my logo for various business ventures (including True Home Restorations), and lately, she has been spending quite a bit of her free time working on her new business venture, Mid Mod Pin.

She started out with just a couple of designs of modern enamel pins, but currently has sixteen different designs in her shop, and a few more hitting the shop soon.

Of course I'm biased because I'm related to her, but these are seriously the most adorable little pins ever. I have amassed quite a collection thus far, and simply cannot pick a favorite.

February 15, 2017

That One Time Someone Asked Us to Film for a Television Show...

Last June, I received an out-of-the-blue email from a woman who was looking to develop a midcentury modern home renovation television show. She had seen what I was up to on Instagram and I was beyond flattered she reached out to me.

Of course, I thought it was a little crazy / possibly some sort of scam, but I replied telling her I was interested and would love to chat more about it.

We ended up talking a few times via Skype. She then had me submit videos of me working on various projects & photos of my work, which she put together in a short reel to pitch to the network. After a few months, we found out a big time home & garden cable network was interested in sending their team to Grand Haven to film a pre-pilot, which the industry calls a Sizzle Reel.


So, in October, their small crew of three - producer, camera man and sound guy - joined us in Grand Haven for two days of DIY projects, long on-camera interviews, real client projects I was working on at the time, and some retro furniture shopping. We also spent time filming my favorite local midcentury home exteriors, and a bit around our adorable hometown of Grand Haven.

It was the craziest, hardest, longest two days of my work life, and while certainly a fun experience, I also kind of hated it. I missed Adler (who was only 9 months at the time), I felt like I had been run over by a truck (not sleeping well + working 14 hour days), I felt like a terrible mom, I felt like I looked awful (they had me wear a few outfits that I would never really wear), and I had to say the same thing over and over and over and OVER again.

In the end, we did NOT land a television show, but I can honestly say after just two days, I KNOW it was the best thing to ever NOT happen to our family.

Sure, it would have been amazing to be the lady who was saving midcentury modern homes on television and spreading the word how COOL midcentury details are. And it would have been neat to be recognized locally as the woman with a TV show. And it would have been awesome to be recognized nationally as the midcentury guru.

BUT, it was also scary as heck. What if I messed up on the facts? What if I didn't know all the details (which I normally do not...)? What if my show bombed after one season? SO many what ifs...and I'm not a gambling sort of gal.

We were very thankful for the opportunity to be along on this six month interview process, but in the end, are very thankful our lives did not change.

Here are the very few photos I snapped while this was all happening around us.

 Greg and Adler doing a little pre-scouting the week prior. 

 One of my awesome clients stopped by to drop something off and of course they wanted to interview him. Thankfully, he was okay with that! 

 A little time out with the camera & sound guy (and Greg - on the right) after lunch. They are literally playing with tiny skateboards. 

This was in the last post I shared, but wanted to include it again. We took down some walls for a client so they had some "dust" on film. Worked out well for everyone! 




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