December 17, 2013

Building a New Mid-Century Modern Home

While exploring all options before buying our home in 2012, we briefly considered building new. I came across a Flickr site that had stockpiles of old plans and I became slightly obsessed with finding exactly what I wanted.

If I were to build a new (old!) home, I'd pick a plan with a butterfly roof, courtyard, carport, an abundance of clerestory windows,  and plop it in a wooded setting on a small, private lake. You know, just in case I could get every single thing I wanted :)

Of course, I never did find the dream plan I imagined, but I did find lots of homes that would do just fine!
Of course, we would have not been able to afford our dream home (and dream location!) last year, but we would have waited it out in our small city home and done it in 10+ years. I am SO glad we did not do that - I love this house too much! And I also learned a ton of design/building/decorating tips along the way. What would I do differently? Well, that's for another post all together.

However, now that we have this home's large projects just about wrapped up, we've been dreaming of finding a small cottage on an inland lake to renovate. And of course, back to home plans I go....dreaming of what I'd LOVE to find on a lake! We are thinking A-frame might be the way to go, and of course, something within a nice driving distance (under 3 hours, please.)

Greg's an avid fisherman, and would love to have a spot to go and fish. I'm an avid vacationer, so a spot to go on weekends, when I'm not working, sounds lovely. I'll keep ya posted!

In the meantime, check out this Flickr site if you're interested in old home plans!

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Jenny December 26, 2013 at 3:08 PM  

Yes, I dream about building a new MCM cottage on a lake ALL the TIME! My dream floor plan has two separate halves under one roof with a covered breezeway between. Living area on the left with a great big fireplace and open concept kitchen; bedrooms and bathrooms on the right. Ideal for parts of California or Arizona where the winters are never actually cold, and rain is an infrequent forecast...



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