February 03, 2015

In The News | midcentury mod magazine

A few months ago, Victoria at Engaged Enthusiast Media contacted me about our kitchen design for a one-time issue magazine, midcentury mod. I happily answered a couple of questions about the design of our kitchen, and just last night grabbed a copy at my local Meijer store to see it in person.

Besides spelling my last named incorrectly (they spelled it VanderMass; it's actually VanderMaas - easy to confuse!), it looks absolutely fabulous. It is SO fun to see True Home Restorations in print - a HUGE THANK YOU goes to Kristen at K. Holly Studios for capturing our kitchen for this!

Go out a grab a copy today - not a single advertisement means there are 130 full pages of midcentury modern goodness to enjoy!

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Heidi March 17, 2015 at 6:05 PM  

I bought this magazine, and I am so enjoying slowly going through it and reading every word. I love your kitchen remodel. I recently bought a home and will be doing a kitchen remodel myself. Lots of great ideas here. Thank you for sharing your home.



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