February 05, 2014

The WANT List | Modern Cuckoo Clocks

My childhood has some pretty vivid clock memories...I have no idea why these stick out to me, but they do. I'm certain my grandparent's grandfather clock in their formal living room has a chime I will never forget. Every quarter-hour, it would play a melody which seems to be etched in my mind.

Then, there was a very wild dream that I had when I was maybe five years old about a clock in my gymnastics class waiting room (I'm assuming I was five, since that was the year I started gymnastics...) which would come alive. It was quite scary to my childhood self!

And as an adult, I've received more clocks as gifts than anyone I know. I'm not quite sure why, but people must assume I love them. And I suppose I do.

One thing on my WANT list for MidModMich, is a modern cuckoo clock. A quick Google search will bring up many options, but instead of just ordering one online, I'd really like to find one on our travels. I'd like there to be a story to go along with it, which is why I haven't pulled the trigger on any one of them quite yet. 

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Anonymous March 18, 2014 at 6:45 PM  

You should check out the Mid-Century clocks available at Joybird they would go great with your house.



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