January 19, 2014

Three Season Porch

Our three season porch is something we never knew we wanted, but are SO glad it ended up being a part of this home. It was actually really quite a mess the day Kristen was here to snap our photos, but she did a fab job of making it look fine!

This is a non-heated room, so today, the windows are frosty and the floor is freezing cold, but before it got cold out, I did spend some time in here. Eames LOVES it too! Our wi-fi doesn't reach out here, so it's absolutely a chill place.

The lights, while original in style, have been replaced as the original ones (well, one was original glass, and the other was replaced with plastic - and they were different sizes too!) were painted over and rusting through the paint.

I had no vision for this space until we found the furniture on Craig's List - a mini sectional sofa, two side chairs, and an ottoman - which were blue and off-white. I ended up finding a great indoor/outdoor rug online and bam - the room was complete. I'm sure this space will evolve over time as we use it more, but for now, it's like an extra living room in the warmer months.

Three Season Porch Resource List

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