February 28, 2013

And the Front Door Winner is....

The Allandale!
In Navy Blue!

After spending a week looking at many, many mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs, I came to two conclusions that helped Greg & I land on the door that will grace the front of our new home. 

The first conclusion is: I prefer symmetry. I suppose I've always known this to be true, but seeing lots of homes with both symmetrical elements, and asymmetrical elements, the ones I liked best were perfectly even. This lead me to decide on the Allandale door style. Greg was on board with this one from day one, as it was the original one I wanted before I started looking at all of the options. The brickwork in our little door cove is stacked one on top of the other (instead of stacked traditionally, like the rest of the house) and I like how the long windows mimic this small detail. 

The second conclusion I found is that I prefer color and contrast rather than plain jane. Many of the homes we toured were part of a small community that had other homes with the same footprint, but completely different look. The ones I liked best were the colorful ones. The neutral ones were gorgeous, but the bolder homes took my vote. And Greg agreed with me, thankfully. He actually loved the idea of navy blue, so that made it easy. With all the orange-y brick we have, and the natural stone fireplace and slate patio, a little bold pop of color will be just what this space needs. We plan on using lots of colorful annuals and perennials in the raised planters to make this a cheerful place indeed. 

Thank you all for voting - it was super fun to see what everyone else thought, and I enjoyed reading all of the input. 

1 thoughts:

Zoe March 11, 2013 at 4:15 PM  

Love it! Using a complementary color to the orange in the brick is brilliant.



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