January 07, 2013

Picking a House...or Did it Pick us?!

This was not the first house we looked at, nor was it the first one we put an offer on. It is, in fact, the fourth house we offered on, and the only house we accepted a counteroffer on. And it was the only one that felt like "The One."

We had a short list of "must haves" and a very long "WISH" list, but in the end, and with this renovation, I honestly think we're getting just about everything we wanted in a house.

Here are the ones that didn't work out...

House #1, Grand Rapids. She was a beaut! And on a small lake! But, she was in the same school district as us, and priced too high for us. Another (lucky!) buyer got her, and I heard at the estate sale (where we scored our dining room table - the one in the bottom left photo) that the buyer was going to restore her for her former glory. I'd love to see photos of it now!!!

House #2, Norton Shores. Another lakefront property that was stunning! We loved the front & back, but the inside was a tri-level with a strangely placed kitchen and we weren't sure if we could live there forever. The house finally sold, and only went for $5,000 more than we offered, even though the seller, at the time, was "offended" by our offer they never even countered.

House #3, Grand Rapids. This one was HUGE! I'm not sure what we would have done with all the space, but it was sure lovely and in a great school district. We loved the open kitchen, the 3.5 bathrooms, and the huge living areas.

House #4, Grand Haven. And here are a few photos from the local MLS with the former owner's things inside. While it wasn't our first choice when we began the process, it ended up being "the one". And I don't ever want to leave :)

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