December 07, 2015

Midcentury Design Plan | Midcentury Two-Story Design Plan

Most of my True Home Restorations clients hire me for interior work, however, for me, the design of a midcentury home starts from the curb. From their larger-than-standard eaves & built-in planters, to the use of Roman brick & large expanses of glass - all the exterior attributes of a midcentury home should stand out and flow right inside the front door.

This summer, I met with a client that has a traditional midcentury two-story home. Over time, the key midcentury features had been lost - trim painted a contrasting color, front door & sidelights replaced, beams painted to match the rest of the house, etc.

Thankfully, they were open to going darker and more modern with the overall look, and I cannot wait to show you a before & after of this exterior once I have professional images taken. For now, enjoy the design plan I presented to them.

We went with Kendall Charcoal for the entire home color, brick included, which made the oversize windows really standout! We did the eaves a lighter gray, and I proposed using their existing modern white planters full of colorful annuals in the summertime, adding an iconic Knoll chair or two in white. The indoor/outdoor rug, a little wild(!), lends some color to the covered porch, and I envisioned a blue-gray front door. Add a great, modern city mailbox, some modern lighting, and modern house numbers - all sorts of modern curb appeal.

Things have evolved since this initial plan, but I will tell you the changes & additions that were made are spectacular and once we finish up this project in the spring, I'll have some actual photos to share here. 

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Kirsty January 3, 2016 at 6:21 PM  

Love that mailbox!



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