October 01, 2014

All in the Details | Trimless Interior Doors

Trimless interior doors is one of the things that my husband, Greg, took into his own hands. It was on his must-have list, and he made it happen.

We noticed that some of the homes we toured while we were in Palm Springs in 2013 had no trim, and Greg liked the idea of having no trim in MidModMich. When we returned from our trip, we came across the EZY Jamb product Pinterest, and once he spoke to the guy over there, it was a done deal.

Our builder had never used the product before, but after some trial & error, they were up and exactly what Greg wanted. All of our interior doors are in this hallway, and I must say Greg's vision was perfect. No visual clutter at all - and you can see right out into the backyard from the top of the stairs. Perfect indoor-outdoor living!

The photo on the right is of our pocket door that goes into our tiny master bathroom. In hindsight, we would have ordered their pocket door kit, but of course we didn't figure this out in time, and the traditional pocket door had already been installed. I don't hate this, especially since I actually love our gray stained wood trim. We rarely close this door, so it acts more of a frame into the bathroom.

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