October 06, 2014

For Sale | Mid-century Modern in Holland, Michigan

Many mid-century - both modern & modest - homes go on the market in West Michigan, and I do my best to share them on the MidModMich Facebook page, but I've really been meaning to start a "for sale" section on this blog.

Yesterday I walked through an open house at THIS HOME, listed for $219,900 in Holland, Michigan, which is completely lovely, and I decided it was finally time to make work of blogging these properties, starting with this gem!

The front exterior is very unique - I think it's certainly one-of-a-kind in West Michigan, and perfectly awesome! The back patio is full of Breeze Blocks - something that I've been wanting to add to our house ever since we bought it. This is a patio just about every mid-century modern enthusiast I know covets.

One thing I like about this house is that they didn't get too crazy about keeping things period-appropriate. While I personally love a "time capsule" home, this is a very lived-in look, with no do-not-touch Herman Miller pieces or Womb chairs to speak of. This family loves and LIVES IN this home.

Although there are many gorgeous photos online, it always helps to walk through a house to understand the layout. You walk in the front door (hidden behind those snake plants in the built-in(!) planter), and are immediately in the main living room.

One question I had for the realtor was why is the original tongue & groove ceiling covered up with sheetrock? This is the second home I've seen like this recently, and I'm wondering what happened. I can assume at some point, the homeowners went ahead and insulated the ceiling, or possibly there was water damage and the wood had wet spots. Either way, I still love to know.

The tongue & groove is still between the beams on the exterior of the house, and in some of the rooms - just not the main living area.

  The dining room and kitchen are both just lovely. I wanted to show this image because I absolutely LOVE the detail below the beams. It happens to be the same pattern as one of my favorite Breeze Blocks, and just perfect!

Add to sweeten the deal, the basement is added living space. Full bathroom, an in-home office, a kitchenette, and another living area add to the already amazing property.

To see PLENTY MORE PHOTOS, check out the official listing HERE. To get in touch with their Realtor, here is his info:

Mark R Oegema

Greenridge Realty Holland


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NotAppealing October 8, 2014 at 11:26 AM  

Here I sit, drooling on my keyboard. What awesome spaces!




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