October 09, 2014

For Sale | Mid-century Modern in East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Looking for a mid-century home in East Grand Rapids? Well, THIS PROPERTY went on the market today, and it's stellar!

The fa├žade of the house is the classic multi-level mid-century. I personally like the gray paint and turquoise front door, plus matching mailbox. While I tend to prefer period-appropriate details, in my absolute honest opinion, I think the brick fireplace painted a dark gray would look fab on this house.

The front landscaping is a bit too wild for me, and I think you'd appreciate the house more if it were a tad more tidy. I'm picturing a modern black planter on the front stoop, full of green plants. Also, some period-appropriate house numbers (maybe I just can't see them here...) would be a great addition. I've always loved the Starburst Doorbell from Rejuvenation too.

  It looks like you walk in the front door, and the living room is on the same level. Just FABULOUS example of original tongue & groove ceilings and amazing windows, of course. Again, the fireplace isn't anything unique to me, and I think this would be great painted - maybe white?. I know, I know - I talk about keeping things original all the time, but this just isn't doing it for me. The mantle, which I believe to be an IKEA "LACK" shelf, should also come down - obviously not original.

Now this kitchen? THIS kitchen is perfection and I LOVE IT SO. The mid-tone wood, flat-panel cupboard fronts are lovely. I even like the pulls. The wall oven is period-appropriate and, in my opinion, so much user-friendly than a modern range. The white fridge - looks to be a side by side - isn't doing it for me, but that's a cheap update. Are the 4" gray back splash tiles original? It would be period-appropriate, and I don't hate them.

Again - more of that lovely naked tongue & groove ceiling. Ahhhhh.

The dining area looks out into the backyard, and the two lights, while not my favorite, aren't horrible. I'd totally replace them with a Sputnik. Maybe even in brass. Let's get wild. The white baseboards are not period-appropriate, but again, I don't hate them.

There are three bedrooms total - here are two of them. The third bedroom in the listing looks to be itty bitty (they don't have any furniture in it), so I did not include it here. Love the window size - makes furniture placement easier if you don't have to work around low windows.

And the bathrooms - a mix of both original (the one on the right would be original), and new (the one of the left has the original tile floor, but obviously a new cabinet (looks to be IKEA) and toilet.

All in all, it's a great price ($240k) and looks to have some great history intact. If I were looking for an East Grand Rapids house, this would CERTAINLY be on my list of ones to-see soon. It will sell quickly - especially at that price!

Overall, I'd add some more color, and work on lighting fixtures. I'd certainly keep those tongue & groove ceiling naked, as well as all the interior doors which are just as lovely as the kitchen cupboards. This is the kinda house I'd love to get inside and pull together!

Amy E. Weller

(616) 262-7707

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